Secure Systems
Monitored 24/7

Protect what you build.

Cybersecurity has never been more important for business. Our Security-as-a-Service, 24/7 monitoring, and compliance services from our team of IBM experts ensure your systems are secure complete with live dashboards and reports.

Security as a Service

Complete compliance solution featuring bi-quarterly security reviews with Certified Information System Auditors (CISA). We implement database auditing for all major systems with InfoSphere Guardium, infrastructure security and event management with IBM Security QRadar.

IT System Security Audit

End-to-end IBM Security Solutions,from software to technical skills. Full environment support with our CISAs, PMPS and system security experts.

Database Auditing

InfoSphere Guardium is the leading cross DBMS auditing that tracks database access, identifies end users in applications such as PeopleSoft, Siebel and Business Objects, and creates a test station workflow to ensure regulation compliance. All processes are done through a tracking agent that uses a silver of CPU.

Test Data Management

Ensure data doesn’t leak through development environments and provide realistic, preserved data while masking client data.

License Tracking

From license optimization to ILMT compliance, our IBM experts work to understand needs firsthand and determine software compliance.

Certification as a Service

All Blue’s network is primed and ready for industry-specific compliance regulations. We support PCI, HITRUST, SOX, ISO, COBIT and GDPR.

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