What is IBM Cloud Paks

AI-based IBM Cloud Pak solutions help organizations build, modernize, and manage applications securely across any cloud. Using IBM Cloud Paks, you can deploy software more easily to the Cloud.

They include pre-certified containerized software and foundational services that enable customers to share operations and integration frameworks. They’re built on Red Hat OpenShift, the market leader for open-source, hybrid cloud platforms, and provide consistent infrastructure management control features such as AI, automation, and security. The IBM Cloud Pak includes the following components:

  • Existing IBM Software Product Bundles
  • Additional Red Hat Product Licenses (RHEL & OpenShift)
  • Product Ratios with Swap Options
  • Consolidated Purchasing Part Number
  • Managed Virtual Server (MVS) or Metrics Virtual Processor Core (VPC)
  • Containerized Software Deployment Packages

IBM Cloud Paks Bundles

IBM Cloud Paks are packaged according to solution domains, leveraging container technology, and IBM enterprise expertise to help organizations handle their most pressing problems:

IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Simplifies the collection, organization, and analysis of data with cloud storage.

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation: Improves performance by automating business operations.

IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps: Integrates AI into your IT operations toolchain. Provides actionable insights to operations management decisions by automating the resolution of real-world scenarios.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: Automates data flow and application processes to improve the client experience. Makes your applications and data accessible anywhere. API-based automated integration tools extend capability and improve flexibility for ongoing adaptation.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security: Develops a deeper understanding of threats and automates actions for scalability and reactivity.

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation: Automates network operations to deliver zero-touch service

Benefits of Licencing IBM Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud Paks support collaboration and intelligent workflows across multiple stakeholders to streamline project management and communication for even the most complex projects and initiatives. With IBM Cloud Paks, enterprises can overcome the challenges of multi-cloud environments and the new application and operational complexity that comes with them.

Portable and can run anywhere:

IBM Cloud Paks are portable hybrid cloud solutions that can be implemented in any hybrid cloud environment. Kubernetes clusters can run on-premises, in a public hybrid cloud, or as part of an integrated system that utilizes Kubernetes skills.

Certified and secure:

It provides secure cloud data protection, as well as full-stack support from hardware to applications, and is certified by IBM.


DevOps teams can use IBM Cloud Paks to deploy applications, automate processes, and save money by paying only for what they use. Several use cases, including application deployment and process automation, have already been pre-integrated.

Considerations of Licencing IBM Cloud Paks

Perpetual vs Subscription-based?

Breakeven usually occurs after 3 years, so if your project lasts longer, you may want to consider perpetual. For short-term projects, subscriptions may make more sense.

On-premises vs. Cloud?

Licenses can be used on-premises as well as on a cloud infrastructure. When moving from on-premises to the cloud, Cloud Paks are versatile and flexible.

Existing Licensing

Although traditional licensing is still available, IBM has shifted toward Cloud Paks. However, IBM has announced that it will eliminate many of the discounts on traditional licensing in favor of hybrid cloud solutions.

Monitoring IBM Cloud Paks

Depending on how you deploy Cloud Paks, there are two ways to monitor them. If the environment is not containerized, ILMT is available, and License Services is available for containerized environments. In addition, there is an aggregation tool included in IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Manager which combines the outputs from ILMT and License Services.

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