IBM’s Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data is a cost-effective option for small to medium-sized businesses. It enables customers to experience the power of an enterprise-class database in the cloud at a fraction of the cost. The service offers flexible plans with no long-term commitments, so you can scale up or down as your needs change over time. The following are the top-most three benefits of deploying Db2 on Cloud Pak for data.

1.  Easy integration of hybrid clouds and multi-clouds on one platform

Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data enables enterprises to deploy and manage hybrid cloud and multi-cloud data platform models more easily. They can run lower-sensitivity, more dynamic, or even temporary workloads on the public cloud, such as development and test environments for new applications.

Due to its inherent flexibility, multi-clouds offer benefits like risk mitigation, optimization, and ready access to essential services. A multi-cloud solution also gives users the option of choosing the services that best suit their needs. Some services offer extra functionality or utilize security protocols that make it easier for users to meet compliance requirements.

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2.  Easy Integration and Management of data

Due to the unified management platform and multi-location deployment options of Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data, complex management tasks can be simplified and the time to value can be accelerated. The use of a unified platform that integrates data management, governance, and analysis can offer increased efficiency and better use of resources. The ability to seamlessly integrate various data sources between teams can greatly improve data access, maintain data security, and promote self-service collaboration among team members.

Unified console

The Db2 console is built on Open Restful APIs since a unified platform needs a single point of access. Therefore, all dashboard capabilities are accessible through open APIs. The portal allows you to do the following:

  • Manage and optimize the performance of over 100 Db2 databases via an interactive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Deliver a seamless, scalable, and efficient experience across all data services to all data users.
  • Compose your own user interface with the Db2 console by choosing what to display; this selection can be shared with teammates.

Pre-integrated data experiences

By deploying microservices on Cloud Pak for Data, standard resource deployments can be provisioned quickly with pre-trained capabilities tailored for specific industries, such as fraud detection. There are several benefits to these prebuilt experiences, which are described below:

With the microservices model on Cloud Pak for Data, standard resource deployments can be provisioned quickly with pertained abilities tailored for specific industries, such as fraud detection or profile matching. Prebuilt experiences will provide the following benefits:

  • Provides a common user interface with a persona-based workflow.
  • Provides API-like functionality where models reside and run directly in the database, improving performance and minimizing data movement.
  • Provides an API through the ecosystem rather than relying on collocation or a set file system.
  • Provides standard services such as user management, authentication models, security configurations, provisioning, collaboration, etc.

Security and reliability

Cloud Pak for Data puts a high priority on security and reliability. As a result of the containerized architecture, any failure, such as a console failure, does not impact the overall system. Moreover, data security is increased by centralized data governance policies that are applied to all data within the enterprise and used without being moved or granting wider access to it. Security is built into Cloud Pak for Data, which has functions such as access control, authentication, and authorization, data protection, and security logging.

3.  Query multiple data sources without moving data

Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data allows you to have a complete view of all of your data without moving data around, without duplicating it, or exposing it to risk.

You can achieve a single view of data with the following two sets of features:

Data governance and self-service analytics

Db2 automatically integrates its data with governance capabilities that allow auto-discovery, cataloging, and searching. Automated processes are subject to data security policies and access controls, and they facilitate self-service data discovery by users of all data types. In addition to pre-cleaning and pre-validating the data, the access controls can be centrally administered, so those looking to use the data can do so quickly knowing that it is of high quality and they cannot access anything they are not supposed to.

Ecosystem and virtualization

As part of the Db2 family, you can use your Db2 Database, your Db2 Warehouse, BigSQL (Big data), and even your Event Store to handle streaming “Fast Data.”. Db2 also benefits from formal partnerships with third-party service providers such as MongoDB, Postgres, and more, which are available through Cloud Pak for Data.

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