Regularly upgrading to the most recent version of License Metric Tool will ensure that you receive all-new features, fixes, and are compliant with sub-capacity licensing guidelines. After each application update, the License Metric Tool server must be upgraded. Since License Metric Tool is compatible with any version of BigFix, you can upgrade components, such as the server or clients, less often.

Why License Metric Tool needs to be updated regularly

  • Application updates include new features as well as fixes for authorized program analysis reports (APARs) and known issues.
  • Each application update contains fixes for the known security vulnerabilities.
  • Subcapacity licensing requires that you start using License Metric Tool within 90 days of the license taking effect and that you promptly upgrade to the latest version of the application.

Updating to the latest version

Every quarter, License Metric Tool releases a new version. Updating to the new version regularly helps you take advantage of new features and application fixes, as well as stay in compliance with sub-capacity licensing requirements.

Update Paths:

You can update the License Metric Tool directly to the latest version for eight versions back. If you have an older version, please use the intermediate installer and update to the version that is available in Fix Central.

Update with BigFix

Many components make up the License Metric Tool infrastructure. The Components are updated separately to give you flexibility concerning the time and frequency of updates. The components can be updated with BigFix.

Updating with disconnected scanners

The License Metric Tool is upgraded by updating the server and disconnecting the scanners. Also, if you use the VM Manager Tool in disconnected mode, as well as the database, you might need to update it if your current version is no longer supported. If you use Ansible to manage disconnected scanners, you might also want to update the playbooks.

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Updating License Metric Tool components

Perform the following steps during every upgrade to ensure that your License Metric Tool infrastructure is up-to-date.

  1. Update the License Metric Tool server.
  2. Update the internal License Metric Tool components: the VM Manager Tool and the scanner
  3. By using the most recent versions of the fixlets, you can pause or restart active actions. During this process, follow these best practices related to fixlets:
    • Ensure currency of actions:
      When you install a new application update, fixlets do not update automatically. Anytime a new version of a fixlet is released, the current actions should be restarted. Compare the names of the active actions with the names of the relevant fixlets to determine which actions should be restarted. If the names of these actions differ from the versions that are included in the names, restart the actions.  Note: Actions triggered by previous versions of the License Metric Tool server are compatible with the latest version. However, new features and fixes can only be accessed by ensuring the currency of scanner actions and fixlets.
    • Plan ahead
      Make sure to plan and restart existing actions every time you upgrade License Metric Tool. The plan should be aligned with your business needs, so you don’t have any trouble upgrading the server.
    • Limit modifications of fixlet names
      Rather than changing the entire name of a fixlet, add a meaningful prefix or suffix. Keeping the version of the fixlet in its name will ensure that the name of the initiated action reflects the version. By using it, you can easily tell which actions are initiated by each version of the fixlet.
  4. Optional: Upgrade the components of the BigFix platform. This step is optional and largely dependent on your business needs. The platform might need to be updated to improve security measures since each update might bring new security features. Upgrades to BigFix are usually not required for License Metric Tool to work properly. Many features are independent and can be used with older versions of the platform.

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