IBM License Metric Tool grabs pole position in the market due to cost-minimizing, asset management, and sub-capacity licensing benefits. Optimal usage of assets requires your efforts to maintain ILMT software environment by keeping the complete and accurate data.

To maintain ILMT software environment you are required to-

  • Have up to date information of each software deployment.
  • Meet the sub-capacity requirements.
  • Perform the cleaning action in ILMT whenever the licenses are removed in order to avoid inappropriate peak usage of licenses.
  • Keep practice of verifying the automated audit report with the actual usage of licenses on a regular basis.

Achieving Data Completeness

Data completeness refers to the complete ILMT sub-capacity report that consists of up-to-date information of every IBM software deployment. An incorrect license reporting leads to financial risks. So having the complete ILMT sub-capacity report helps you to avoid such risks.

To achieve the data completeness, the following parameters should be met:

  • Every software deployment should correctly be registered in the in ILMT.
  • The ILMT report should include the data of regular scans made on the virtual infrastructure.
  • The reports must be based on the most current version of ILMT.
  • Use eligible, virtualization, operating system, and processor types.

Understanding the Automated Bundling Process and its Impact on Data Accuracy

Automated bundling in ILMT refers to assigning instances of newly discovered software components to a product. Incorrect bundling process could lead to mismatch in sub-capacity license entitlements. So, it requires your attention and intervention to confirm or exclude the discovered software components.

Avoiding Inappropriate Peak Usage of Devices

In a cloud environment, keeping the track of changes and avoiding the inappropriate usage of devices is a primary concern. In overview page of ILMT user interface, you can view the reports of license metrics, software inventory, and infrastructure components but there is no way to get the compliance report. So, it requires your effort to track inappropriate usage of devices and avoid the peak usage by performing an action in ILMT whenever you deploy or remove the devices in order to update the data with actual entitlements.

Maintaining Audit Report

Ensuring that the requirements have been fulfilled and the license usage is verified against the actual license entitlement, you can obtain a complete and accurate utilization report. The report can be created just by clicking the ‘Audit Report” button in the ILMT user interface.

It is good practice to create the report on a regular basis and use it for data analysis if required. IBM suggests you to create an audit report at least once in a quarter and retain the report for at least two years.

ILMT Health Check and Managed Services

Improper maintenance of ILMT environment leads to lack of data completeness, hardware and software scan failures, and inaccurate reports. To avoid such impacts and help our customers to get a better overview of ILMT environment, we designed the ILMT Health Check Service.

ILMT health check detects the hardware and software scan failures, reviews the completeness of BigFix, ILMT, and your software inventory, helps improving the software inventory accuracy and track license utilization.

If an organization or an enterprise couldn’t lead a proper maintenance of ILMT environment, you can opt for managed services where we take the responsibility on your behalf to install, configure, manage, and maintain your ILMT environment.

So, through efficient maintenance of ILMT software environment, you can achieve optimal usage of assets by reducing the ownership costs.

If you wish to learn more about how to maintain your ILMT software environment efficiently and to learn how it benefits your business, contact us today to talk to an All Blue Solutions expert.