It is easy to forget that your database is a critical component of your infrastructure. Databases are the backbone of many applications and neglecting them can lead to serious consequences. By running regular database health checks, you’ll ensure your data remains safe and available.

Due to the increasing number of users, the system performance becomes worse until it becomes difficult for the system to support its demand. Currently, it is necessary to optimize or even upgrade the hardware configuration.

The first step is to carry out the necessary checks for your database, identify the causes of the problem and find out what you can do about them. It will not be possible to correct all problems at once, so you need to prioritize them.

As All Blue Solutions (ABS), we have touched on the issues about database health checks that users are curious about in this article.

Database Health Check-up

The database health check is a program that will be performed on the database and identify and locate all issues within the database. This can happen in many ways, such as running queries on the database to give you detailed information on the health of your databases. It can also be performed by looking at each table in your database and running queries on these tables to check for any inconsistencies, such as missing indexes or missing statistics.

As well as this it is important to understand that there can be issues with the physical files themselves.

For example, the file size of the physical files may be too big,

Benefits of Database Health Check-up

There are numerous benefits of database health check-ups and the most important one is ensuring that you have a proper vision and objective. If done regularly, it ensures that there are no errors in database storage and backups that might.

Increases performance: Process and structure improvements are made depending on the findings of performance analysis after considering architectural requirements and important metrics such as application and storage servers, databases, and operating systems. The related or independent issues will be eliminated in this way, so performance increase is achieved.

Increases safety: Provides the security audit of the existing system or database. If there is a risk, then appropriate measures will be taken to solve it. Increases efficiency: With the use of relevant systems and products, configuration optimization is performed to ensure their use in accordance with licenses.

Offers solutions to present and forthcoming problems: To ensure the reliability of a system, it is advisable to keep records on the number of errors and problems encountered in a certain period. This provides information on how well the system functions, though not every error or problem may be identified. Version updates and patch levels indicate how many changes have been made to a system, while performance metrics can show.

Indication for Checking Your Database Health

Even the best of products eventually become outdated and require routine maintenance. However, it is important to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance and perform health checks to avoid more costly problems in the future.

How do you know it’s time to health check for your database? There are a few key indicators:

  • If you are seeing an end-user experience that is degrading (i.e., application slowdowns), then it can be assumed that the system will eventually fail.
  • Application performance problems are often caused by issues with the database.
  • If your company’s data needs are exceeding the capabilities of its current database system.
  • Issues in compliance or security policy of database.
  • Missing or incomplete documents.
  • If some database instances are insecure or execution is lagging.

Why ABS?

ABS offers health screening solutions that have a proven track record, certified experts, and data expertise. We provide an end-to-end database health check that is designed to help your system run with the best practices determined by IBM. Through this service, we identify problems and suggest solutions.

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