An increase in demand for IoT has created new challenges for database management systems, requiring faster processing and integration capabilities, enterprise-class performance, and a low total cost of ownership. The IOT also requires processing at the device level and capable gateways. IBM Informix serves best to fulfil the requirements.

IBM Informix is a proven enterprise-class database for IOT that brings you a powerful and high-performance cloud engine with robust processing and integration capabilities. It can facilitate centralized control over physical objects embedded with sensors, processors, and other required technologies which happen through the exchange of data between the cloud and the devices.

How Informix contributes to IOT?

Informix on the cloud has many benefits for IOT that include faster data processing, huge scaling range, advanced resource utilization extract, high storage capacity, data replication in the database, embedded integration, minimal administrative requirements, and memory footprints.

Faster Data Processing and Huge Scaling Range

The powerful Informix cloud engine can consistently process more than two million transactions per-second. Also, it allows you to scale up to 700 to 75000 users within 30 seconds.

Effective Resource Utilization

Advanced resource utilization extract 10 times per core performance compared to other databases

High Storage Capacity

It stores tons of real-time data received from sensor devices and queries with storage savings with high performance.

Data Replication on Cloud

Informix cloud facilitates advanced data availability, active-active clustering, heterogeneous replication, and data sharing. It also enables on-premises to cloud replication, point-in-time replication, cross geographic replication, edge computing replication, and shared-disk clustering.

Unmatched Embedded Integration

Facilitates embedded integration that runs in the smallest capacity devices such as less than 100 MB and gateways such as ARM edge. Also, the database is enterprise-class for edge computing.

Handles both Structured and Unstructured Data

Informix database can process both structured (SQL) and unstructured (NoSQL) data. It is capable of handling SQL and JSON/BSON and can handle the mixed workloads with flexibility and performance.

Time Series and Smart Sensor Data Awareness

Database that comes with smart built-in time-series technology offers high storage savings, query performance, and flexibility for time-stamped sensor data.

Handles Real-Time Data

It can apply analytics to get insights and actionable information from sensor-based data; being able to understand behavior, patterns, and trends of sensor data. It also can handle location-based data, queries spatial attributes, and can combine spatial and non-spatial data within the same query.

So, with the IBM Informix IOT approach, you can set up a fully automated and cloud-hosted service that is designed to make it simple to derive value from the Internet of Things devices. The IBM Informix facilitates deployment in both Clouds and Devices with the highest levels of Availability, Performance, Security, Robustness, Scalability, and Flexibility that helps solve the uncertainties, rapid service deployment, and SLA needs in embedded systems.

If you are looking to learn more about how IBM Informix works for IOT, contact today to talk to an All Blue Solutions expert.