The IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator is an in-memory database that features state-of-the-art memory and processor techniques that are important to boosting query performance at an affordable price. It provides organizations with analytic insights into their operational and historical data in a disruptive way. Utilizing a columnar, in-memory approach, Informix Warehouse Accelerator accelerates even the most complex warehouse and operational queries, without the need to change or tune the applications. 

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises can use Informix Warehouse Accelerator for raw data sizes ranging from a few hundred gigabytes to tens of terabytes. As a software appliance, it does not rely on any particular hardware vendor. Processor and memory configurations can be easily customized. 

How IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator helps an organization 

  • Informix Warehouse Accelerator is completely transparent to any business application, so it does not require any modification to the application to take advantage of accelerated query performance. Users can develop mashups and other dashboards using front-end analysis and reporting tools such as IBM Cognos. 
  • Informix Warehouse Accelerator increases efficiency by running on commodity hardware while meeting or exceeding service level agreements for both transactional and analytical workloads, removing the need for OLAP systems. 
  • Using Informix Warehouse Accelerator, enterprises can improve the productivity of their workforce by getting quick answers without spending more time or money on manual processing. Due to the accelerator’s close integration with Informix, database administrators (DBAs) can effectively split workloads between the database server and accelerator. 
  • Quick responses mean quick insights and a more agile business. The Informix Warehouse Accelerator performance enhances warehouse analytical queries without requiring constant tuning and monitoring. Through Informix Warehouse Accelerator, companies can accelerate the high-value aspects of their warehouses and adapt their infrastructure to meet business needs dynamically. 


Informix can be used with the most popular business intelligence tools, such as Cognos, MicroStrategy, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI), and Pentaho. It is possible to use familiar front-end analysis and reporting tools or create mashups and dashboards. Users can submit SQL queries to Informix either directly from a SQL program or a business intelligence tool. Since IBM owns Cognos, there is more opportunity to work together to achieve the best queries. 

Supported platforms 

Informix Warehouse Accelerator runs on commodity hardware, which is either a single server or a cluster of servers using an Intel processor-based operating system including Linux 64-bit. It integrates tightly with Informix database servers on a single server or a cluster. The following 64-bit platforms are compatible with an Informix database server running on this combination: 

  • Linux OS on Intel processor-based servers. 
  • IBM AIX OS on IBM POWER7 processor-based servers. 
  • HP-UX OS on Intel Itanium processor-based servers. 
  • Oracle Solaris OS on Intel processor-based server or Oracle SPARC servers. 

An accelerator and a database server can be installed on the same computer or different computers. 

Usage scenarios 

Businesses looking to analyze warehouse data or operational data at “the speed of thought” can benefit from Informix Warehouse Accelerator. 

Accelerating data warehouse: 

A data warehouse typically contains one or more data marts, each handling a specific area of data. Typically, each data mart is a star or snowflake schema. When accelerating a specific high-value data mart, only the workloads that utilize the data mart are accelerated, without modifying anything else in the schema or workflow. This process typically occurs on a nightly basis. Data can be updated using continuous refresh or full load in Informix Warehouse Accelerator. 

Accelerating operational analytics 

Businesses increasingly analyze transactional data as a means of improving their responsiveness. On Informix Warehouse Accelerator, users can create data marts based on their transactional schema. A near-real-time analysis can be performed by trickling updates from the transactional system into Informix Warehouse Accelerator. 

Accelerating time-series data 

Storage and query processing of time series data is made more efficient by the types and access methods of time series data. Informix Warehouse Accelerator is recommended if the user’s analytical queries contain many joins and ad hoc aggregates of this data. 

Big data analysis 

Informix Warehouse Accelerator’s query processing speed makes it possible to perform certain kinds of big data analysis that are otherwise impractical or require prohibitively high investments. 

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