IBM’s License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a tool for tracking license expenditures. For IBM software, the tool generates consumption reports for software licensed under the PVU metric. ILMT is compulsory for customers who wish to take advantage of IBM’s sub-capacity (virtualization capacity) licensing terms. It is important to have someone who knows how to use the tool to ensure a fair audit.

ILMT-as-a-service from All Blue Solutions simplifies Passport Advantage, ILMT, and IBM’s license obligation requirements for IBM customers. IBM Clients frequently ask the following questions regarding their obligations to run ILMT – IBM Licence Metric Tool:

  • Do we need ILMT?
  • Where do we get it and what does it cost?
  • How do we install it and how do we need to collect it?
  • how to generate the reports?
  • How to maintain our ILMT environment?
  • How to ensure that we fulfill all the IBM compliance obligations with ILMT?
  • Is ILMT enough to pass an IBM audit?

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Keep your ILMT implementation in compliance with sub-capacity requirements

The ILMT must be correctly installed and configured to take advantage of sub-capacity licensing. The failure to comply with sub-capacity licensing requirements is the most significant license compliance risk area for IBM customers.

In recent years, IBM has become increasingly strict in how it interprets sub-capacity requirements. Having BigFix agents installed on all target machines is not enough. ILMT is also being reviewed closely by auditors to ensure its configuration and updates are current. IBM’s auditors often report ILMT discrepancies in order to suggest full deployment capacity has been reached, and this is then used as negotiating leverage.

We have comprehensive experience with all aspects of ILMT implementation, including initial installation, deployment of BigFix agents, reporting configuration and bundling, and exclusion of specific products. We can make sure you comply with sub-capacity requirements while ensuring ILMT reports PVU/RVU quantities accurately.

The ILMT as-a-Service We Provide

ILMT Installation:

  • We conduct ILMT assessments to identify your specific network and security requirements and your IBM Software deployment.
  • Centralized ILMT/BigFix server software and supporting databases are installed, and BigFix agents are distributed to all targeted servers using the distribution method most appropriate to your organization.
  • We assist you in the setup of your network for secure communication with our ILMT server and the installation of the ILMT agent.

ILMT Integration:

  • Our expertise with IBM products allows us to configure ILMT reporting, including bundles and exclusions. By doing so, we ensure our ILMT audit snapshot reports are as accurate and optimized as possible per your licenses.

ILMT Audit:

  • As a client, you simply review your ILMT reports to ensure you meet your IBM Passport Advantage obligations, and we handle the rest of the effort needed to ensure your IBM Software licensing obligations are met. After that, we store them safely so we can access them easily during audits or reviews.
  • A report on the audit is distributed to your staff. In addition, we provide feedback on the completeness or discrepancies between reports in the collected information.
  • Our team analyzes your reports to identify risks and make recommendations for optimizing IBM Software.
  • By performing a comprehensive health check of your existing ILMT, we make sure it is meeting your compliance reporting needs. From scan failures to incorrect software classifications, we fix a wide variety of issues.

ILMT Maintenance:

  • With no effort on your part, we run and maintain the ILMT server environment in our infrastructure. It is our responsibility to update, patch, and fix the ILMT product libraries in accordance with IBM recommendations.
  • We have extensive expertise in normalizing and classifying IBM licenses as well as matching IBM licenses with IBM agreements. We also deal with issues such as product name changes, packaging considerations, and duplicates.

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