IBM Software Audit: What is ILMT?

There have been various misconceptions among organizations over the installation and utilization of IBM License metric tool (ILMT). From the presumption that deploying ILMT is optional to the overall difficulty of installing, ILMT has unfortunately been placed in a negative light. Possessing ILMT is mandatory to receive sub-capacity pricing on IBM software. To further understand ILMT and how it can benefit the overall state of your organization and software environment, let’s look deeper into what is ILMT?


The ILMT tool is used to calculate all IBM processor value unit (PVU) for software that is deployed to both full and virtual (also sub) capacity environments. ILMT is a free tool created to assist you in managing all IBM software license requirements and track software currently running. ILMT provides many benefits to license holders, as it can help maintain overall compliance with both sub capacity and PVU licensing terms. Furthermore, your organization can more effectively manage internal software assets, while lowering liability risks.

ILMT In Motion

How does the ILMT tool fit into the overall IBM auditing process? Prior to the start of an IBM auditing, it is required that a license holder have ILMT installed on all servers that currently are using IBM products. Without ILMT running, getting a complete look at your physical and virtual environment will not only be difficult, but also automatically classifies you as incompliant. ILMT is an essential tool because it helps license holders become more prepared for regular audits and continued success in documenting the location of IBM software.

A helping hand

ILMT is a serious matter for not only IBM, but for all currently holding an active license agreement. No matter your business type, All Blue Solutions can assist you throughout the entire process. As a platinum IBM business partner focusing on customized IBM solutions, our ILMT services are designed to address all ILMT compliance requirements. From ILMT Installation and setup (free) to monitoring and 24/7 support, our team of experienced IBM specialists is here to help with low-cost solutions to ensure that you’re always compliant.

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