Db2 is also known for its reliability and scalability, Oracle Database is known for its vast range of applications, tools, skills, and partners. Both databases are very stable and have good documentation and support. In spite of some opinions that Db2 has become less modern over the years than Oracle, shortcomings in Db2 can easily be addressed with third-party applications.

The difference between Db2 and Oracle is that IBM provides Db2 with the purchase of iSeries hardware or operating systems, while Oracle is only sold independently. So, you don’t run into problems when you try to troubleshoot, you need to make sure your data server is correctly configured ahead of time.

Features and advantages of IBM Db2

IBM’s Db2 has been around for a number of years and has evolved into a robust relational database management system. Despite competition from Oracle, MS SQL, and MySQL, Db2 continues to enjoy strong market presence. The staying power of Db2 is due to several advantages it offers.

Features of Db2 include object tables, before triggers, Java method support, multiple user-defined functions, and array support. There is no support for these features in MS SQL. Db2’s database management interface provides direct access to the data via SQL. It can also be embedded in application programs written in other languages, such as COBOL and Java. The combination of flexibility and feature set makes Db2 an extremely powerful relational database management system.

Instead of just supporting Windows-based platforms, IBM offers versions of Db2 that run on any available platform. A list of supported platforms for Db2 includes AIX, HP-UX, Linux, and Sun. Its ability to run on a variety of hardware/software platforms offers flexibility that other database engines do not provide. Db2 is also available from IBM as part of a pre-configured bundle that also includes the operating system. Since the operating system is configured for Db2 database support out of the box, this combination results in better performance and saves the system administrator time.

Features and advantages of Oracle Database

There are many features that make Oracle popular in the business world. Oracle database accompanies numerous magnificent elements, like their top notch backing, versatility, and the capacity to follow refined design. New versions of Oracle databases are released with enhanced features designed for businesses and corporations.

Oracle databases are popular because of their commitment to customer service. For practically all corporate-level applications, Oracle databases are used. For enterprises looking for scalable and cost-effective solutions for their applications and data management, it is an ideal choice. It can be used for single-server or highly branched business applications with limited functions.

Oracle databases are also known for their reliability. Oracle has a system for controlling and getting to the data set to forestall unapproved access. It gives high security due to the Oracle Advanced Security highlights. It offers two answers for ensure information bases that are TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) and Data Redaction. TDE upholds information encryption both at the source and after trade. It also offers Oracle Real Application Clustering and larger machine support. Oracle has some other security highlights like Oracle Database Vault that directs client advantages and Oracle Label Security.

One major advantage of Db2 is that it comes from IBM. Db2 is an IBM database developed many years ago in IBM’s database labs that has gained feature after feature over the years. After thorough testing, IBM produces software updates and patches on a controlled basis. IBM’s high-quality software support and the stability that results from it have been factors in Db2’s popularity.

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