IBM Db2 Big SQL is a parallel relational database management system that can deliver extreme performance for big data analytics query and transaction processing workloads. It can scale out to thousands of cores, petabytes of data, and terabytes of memory to handle the most complex queries in real-time, growing with your business needs.

It offers several new data management capabilities that allow developers to work with unstructured data in ways they never have before. In many cases, this allows users to run queries against massive volumes of data while improving performance and maintaining the database as a relational database management system (RDBMS).

IBM Db2 Big SQL is an ANSI-compliant hybrid tool for accessing, querying and analyzing data across the enterprise that:

  • Delivers a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture.
  • Utilizes HBase, Hive, and Apache Spark concurrently for best analytic capabilities.
  • Needs only a single database connection or query to connect disparate sources such as NoSQL databases, HDFS, RDMS, object stores, and WebHDFS.
  • Supports ad-hoc and complex queries, high performance, and federations.
  • Obtains knowledge of dialects from other vendors and a variety of Oracle, IBM Db2, and IBM Netezza products.
  • Enables advanced row and column security.

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Features of the IBM Db2 Big SQL solution include:

High performance

This SQL workload management system was designed with an advanced SQL compiler and cost-based optimizer so that it maintains high performance, concurrency, and scalability for analytical and complex SQL workloads. A SQL parser compliant with ANSI is provided so that TPC-DS queries can be run 99 times and structured streaming can be done with new APIs.

Integration with Apache Spark

Integrating Db2 Big SQL with Spark facilitates insight delivery and improves processing speeds. In addition to providing machine learning models with fresh data, this integration will enable them to be operationalized with data not only from Hadoop but also from other sources.

Federation capabilities

Db2 Big SQL can access data from Hadoop and relational databases, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud, through a single database connection. It can also enhance the virtualization process for different data warehouses by using Fluid Query. In addition, WebHDFS (technical preview only) and S3 Object Storage can also be federated.

Compatibility with multiple SQL dialects

The platform’s support for SQL dialects of a variety of RDBMS (including Db2, Netezza, and Oracle) makes it an ideal platform for offloading and easy consolidation of RDBMS data. By offloading data from existing enterprise data warehouses or data marts, capacity can be freed up while keeping most of the familiar SQL.

Integration with BLU Acceleration

Db2 Big SQL integrates BLU Acceleration, which includes columns-organized tables, actionable compression, data skipping, and scan-friendly memory caching as a technical preview.

Integration with YARN through Slider

By using Apache Slider, we improved integration with YARN, enabling the deployment of non-YARN services on YARN and better control over YARN resource allocation.

Elastic scalability

Db2 Big SQL is the only SQL engine that can successfully run all 99 TPCDS queries up to 100TB with multiple concurrent users. In addition, it is capable of running multiple workers on a single node to maximize CPU and memory utilization.

Security-rich SQL

Db2 Big SQL includes robust role-based access control (RBAC), row-based dynamic filtering, column-based dynamic masking, and Apache Ranger integration for centralized data lake security administration and auditing.

Standards-compliant Open Database Connectivity and Java Database Connectivity

The usage pattern allows developers to access the database with specific tools or products that only allow Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or JavaTM Database Connectivity (JDBC).

Point querying capabilities

Db2 Big SQL allows the use of short and rapid queries that search by keywords or combinations of keywords. It uses HBase when allowing random access to your data in real-time.

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