IBM QRadar helps to prevent all IT threats of your business. It accurately detects, understands and prioritizes the potential threats over your entire IT infrastructure.  Undoubtedly, this is an important factor for most businesses. Following the AI concept, Qradar first scans your assets, network, endpoints, and user data. Then it tries to correlate those components against the threat intelligence. In doing so, it applies advanced analytics to identify and track the most serious threats over the cloud. Once it identifies the potential threats, it provides intelligent insight into the root cause of the threats. Most importantly, Qradar enables the security analysts of an enterprise to strictly monitor their environments and conduct a high level the security process. Thus, it helps to prevent any disruptions of your business with proper remediation.

We are aware that there has been always a real challenge for enterprises to secure their data. Because smart hackers constantly watch their every transaction or sharing information. That’s the reason, IBM QRadar delivers a sophisticated solution that can fight against cybercrime. Moreover, this solution is an integrated framework. Because it uses a world-class security information and event management (SIEM) tool. This tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) concept which IBM always explores to get optimal services.

 Key Functions

  • QRadar SIEM is a scalable enterprise solution.
  • As it is flexible, so you can quickly deploy.
  • SIEM solution delivers solutions for hardware, software or virtual machines. These solution can work for on-premises or IaaS environments.
  • It provides real-time visibility of your entire IT infrastructure.
  • This assembles the security information from thousands of devices across a network.
  • Qradar uses IBM X-Force to help customers integrate with STIX/TAXII to identify threat intelligence.
  • Qradar stores every activity of your assets in its database. It facilitates an immediate correlation between the activities in the database and Qradar.
  • This solution applies built-in analytics to find out the real threats from false positives.

Qradar Advantages

IBM QRadar Platform advantages are:

  • It helps reduce and schedule alerts to mainly focus on the investigations. This method includes an actionable list of suspected and high probability incidents.
  • This platform enables effective threat management to produce detailed data access and user activity reports.
  • You can operate this solution across on-premises and on the cloud environments.
  • Generates detailed data access and user activity reports to manage compliance.
  • It provides easy to use multi-tenancy and a master console. So, managed service providers (MSPs) can provide security intelligence solutions to save your IT cost.
  • It offers multiple deployment options to meet a variety of needs.

All Blue QRadar Solution

All Blue offers customers consulting services for SIEM. Our services are a full cycle. It adjusts the platform’s capabilities with your entire IT infrastructure.

  • All Blue provides customers a proper estimation that how many modules and licenses will require a system. So that, it can prevent issues of the events and delivers them swift processing which is time-efficient.
  • We conduct an assessment of your IT infrastructure to arrange a clear and advanced network system.
  • Our team members determine all probable challenges for any internal fraud and external threats.  We also try to identify important log sources.
  • With easy, flexible deployment schedules and competitive rates lower than others, we assist you in the full project.

To get a full-fledged solution, you should unify and upgrade Qradar. This will fit your threat profile and information security policy. However, we offer this service to our customers across industries.