IBM® License Metric Tool (ILMT) is a free tool to help you analyze IBM software usage across an enterprise. ILMT can be used to optimize the license configuration of your IBM software estate by helping you understand how many licenses are being consumed, which software products are being used, and where they are being used.

The installation, configuration, and maintenance of ILMT is important for organizations that run any IBM software in a virtualized environment to gain and maintain compliance with the terms of their IBM Passport Advantage (PA) license agreement. IBM regularly audits organizations at random to ensure they are compliant with the terms of their PA agreement, and that usage does not exceed entitlement.

Using IBM Insights, optimize your IBM portfolio

As part of IBM Insights, you will receive guidance on ILMT to ensure full server coverage and verify reporting and associated data. But it goes beyond that. With IBM Insights, you get expert-level consulting in everything from IBM licensing and contracts to entitlements and restrictions. IBM Insights consolidates license assignment data and license deployment data into a single place, providing a comprehensive picture of IBM software in your virtual environment using ILMT. As a result, you’ll be able to manage compliance, control costs, improve efficiencies, and identify optimization opportunities.

No more dilemma in deciding the usages of Full Capacity or Virtualization (Sub-Capacity) environment

ILMT enables you to maintain an inventory of Processor Value Unit (PVU) based software deployed in your Full or Virtualization (Sub-capacity) environment, as well as to measure the PVU licenses required by software products.

IBM advises you to use ILMT for PVU environments that support full capacity, but it requires that you use it for sub-capacity environments. Most companies agree to this requirement since paying software license fees for an IBM product only applies to a portion of your servers.

However, you must meet the IBM Passport Advantage contractual obligations to qualify for sub-capacity licensing. If you fail to meet these obligations, then you must purchase licenses for the product for your physical servers or across your entire cluster of servers, not just the virtual machines.

Stay on top of IBM obligations

Several organizations don’t fully understand the terms and conditions of their IBM software. Unfortunately, most do not have the internal expertise to manage their IBM portfolios effectively. You can improve your IBM licensing management by using ILMT, but only if you use it correctly. You can leverage IBM Insights to gain the most value from your IBM investment while meeting your licensing requirements.

ILMT is free, but you need to make sure it’s deployed properly for it to work. That’s not that easy. IBM will count your environment at full capacity if you fail to install ILMT on every machine where IBM software has been installed.

In addition, the tool must be consistently managed to ensure its accuracy and up to date. Of course, if it is deployed incorrectly, you can expect ill results from the information you track, especially if IBM is auditing your system.

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