DB2 is the database server software from IBM, and Data Studio is a data management tool from IBM which can be used to connect to DB2 databases. This article will teach you how to set up a connection with data Studio so that you can use it to manage your DB2 database.

IBM Data Studio

Every DB2 edition includes IBM Data Studio. With IBM Data Studio, you can manage and develop databases in one integrated environment. A single tool enables you to manage, administer, and tune databases, design and develop database applications, and monitor databases. This is a great tool for teams with different roles and responsibilities since it offers so many benefits. IBM Data Studio also provides tools for developing databases on DB2 for z/OS, DB2 for I, Informix, and other databases that are not IBM databases.

IBM Data Studio Workspace and Launcher

Following the successful installation of IBM Data Studio, you are asked to specify a workspace name. This is a folder where your projects and files are saved. It is a desktop development environment that is based on Eclipse.

The Task Launcher appears, highlighting the following categories of tasks:

  • Design
  • Develop
  • Administer
  • Tune
  • Monitor

Connecting IBM Data Studio to a Db2

This section explains how to create a connection from IBM Data Studio version 4.1.x to the Db2 database, BLUDB.


  • Install drive packages
  • Configure your local environment
  • Download SSL certificates (If required)
  • Collect connect and database information such as hostname and port numbers, and connect credentials


  1. In IBM Data Studio, click All Database and then New Connection to a database.
  2. Click on the Local tab and select the required database manager (DB2 for Linux, UNIX, or Windows)
  3. Click on the General tab, enter the following values:
    1. Database: BLUDB
    2. Host: The hostname
    3. Port: Enter 50000 for a connection without SSL or enter 50001 for a connection with SSL.
    4. Username: The username that you use for logging in.
    5. Password: The password that you use for logging in.
  4. For an SSL connection, click the Optional tab, and then click Add. For the SSL connection property, specify true.
  5. Optional: Click Test Connection to verify that the connection is succeeded.

Connecting to the DB2 database using IBM data Studio can be quite complex, but with the proper knowledge, it can be done easily. We All Blue Solutions provide DB2 managed service around the clock, wherever you are in the part of the world.

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