IBM Db2 Hosted is a cloud service that provides on-demand access to a Db2-based multi-workload database. It is a high-capacity and high-performance solution.

Key Features of IBM Db2 Hosted

Security-rich and high-performance IBM Cloud

IBM Db2 offers all of Db2’s security features, including data encryption. Additionally, your DBAs are fully responsible for database access and operation. With IBM Db2 Hosted, you get dedicated IBM Cloud servers for a single tenant. This feature ensures that performance will be better isolated and that noise from neighbours will be less of an issue.

Smooth integration

You can access IBM Db2 Hosted just as you would on-premises versions of the software. The database interacts with the same applications; security; extract, transform, load (ETL); messaging; and monitoring and systems management tools that you use today.

Flexible scaling

Besides the standard configurations, clients can scale compute resources (Virtual Processor Cores and Memory) up and down as needed, and storage resources can be scaled independently so the customer only pays for the resources they consume.

Easier migration

With IBM Db2 Hosted SQL, you can access the Oracle Database as well as Db2 software running on-premises. It makes it easier to migrate application code to and from IBM Db2 Hosted.

High availability

However, IBM Db2 Hosted gives you full DBA control over the system, even though it is a hosted service. IBM experts can help you by:

  • Installing IBM Db2 Hosted on your server so that it is configured and ready to use.
  • Maintaining up-to-date hardware and operating systems.
  • Setting up high availability and performing database backups.

Modernized data platform

Take advantage of the flexibility and economy of cloud infrastructure without sacrificing administrative control.

High-performance features

Delivers advanced in-memory performance, columnar architecture, query optimization, high availability, data compression, and other innovations designed to address any cloud workload.

Hosted cloud database

Suitable for organizations looking for a cloud database that offers full administrative control and Db2 expertise.

Included in Db2 Bring Your Own License (BYOL) program

IBM provides hybrid capabilities by offering discounts on selected services if the client already holds Db2 Developer, Db2 Advanced Edition, or Db2 Workgroup Edition entitlements.

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IBM Db2 Hosted use cases

IBM Db2 offers the same functionality as its on-premises counterpart, so it is equally suitable for transactions and analytics workloads. Cloud deployment is rapid and self-service, allowing you to license system components on an as-needed basis. This makes it especially useful when dealing with the following situations:

Cloud strategy adherence

IBM Db2 Hosted helps you comply with mandates for deploying new projects into the cloud to reduce capital expenditures and conserve on-premises data center resources.

Short-term database projects

For short-term development or analytics projects, IBM Db2 Hosted is ideal – you pay only for the time you use it.

Disaster recovery

IBM Db2 Hosted can replicate your data from your on-premises Db2 instances to serve as a failover in case of a primary data center disaster.

Geographic reach and regulatory compliance

IBM Db2 Hosted can be deployed in IBM Cloud data centers worldwide to meet certain regulatory or other requirements for hosting data in specific countries or regions.

Benefits of Db2 Hosted are:

  • Streamlines and accelerates deployment. You can use Db2 without installing it on-premises.
  • Provides native encryption for all configurations. Even if your data isn’t located in your building, you are in control of it. Benefit from infrastructure as a service with the confidence that your data is protected at rest, in flight, and during use.
  • Use what you need and avoid upfront capital expenditures for DBMSs.
  • Enhances security and optimizes performance. With a dedicated bare metal server or a private virtual machine, you can experience speed and reliability.
  • Deploy to dozens of IBM Cloud data centers around the world to meet your data locality requirements and bring data closer to users.
  • Various hardware configurations and database editions are available to meet your business needs. Reduce infrastructure costs as your business grows.
  • Supports SQL compatibility for Oracle Database applications.

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