It’s very common that businesses using IBM software, choose third-party support for managed services. They provide maintenance and audit support for the software they use. But still, many businesses hesitate to choose IBM third-party support. Experience is the prime concern while choosing third-party support services. Is it true that they timely response and keep promises for cost-saving? It’s a serious concern for the businesses also that the third-party may audit that software which is not from IBM.

IBM Audit check

Reasonably, software asset managers don’t like auditing for their business software license, without considering the vendor. They think that the IBM audit is troublesome and costly. So, they try to avoid this anyway.

Third-party audits the IBM software that a customer has installed, and therefore, the customer needs to pay for it. Now, if you stop the maintenance contract with them, then there may be a risk of being subject to the IBM audit.

True to say, no one understands this fact. If you change your service provider, that will not make any difference. If you use IBM software, a trusted partner or service provider will audit the license for any compliance. This you can’t avoid. However, many software asset managers of different companies complain that after ending the contract with the third-party, they face a problem for non-compliance license. This happens even when they change the service providers. Depending on the third-party, there is a high possibility of your software audit.

IBM audit check can be stressful

It a nightmare for the asset managers when an IBM auditor visits their premises. They may be tensed for auditing any non-compliance. There may be difficulties for any financial or political implications:

IBM will first audit any non-compliance issues and ask for its rectification. They may insist on license renewal as per the contract. In this case, the price will be high.

If there is no compliance issue with software, then IBM will certainly be happy with that. But still, there will be critical as to why the licensing compliance issue appears in the first place. Because of, failed an IBM audit there may be job losses. Again, it may raise a question on the feasibility of software audits.

Save your business from audit fail

An audit process may be hectic, but you can avoid it even if the audit fails to check compliance. When you give your services to a reliable third-party like All Blue Solution, we provide you support for licensing estimation. If you change your third-party service provider, then there is a possibility that IBM may ask for an audit check and you may fail in that. Then we as a responsible service provider, protect your business from all those troubles. We also help you minimize any financial impact of your audit fail. If you are partnering with All Blue, we take care of any additional licensing requirements as per the existing contract.

To know how we can save from an IBM audit, please get in touch with us.