IBM Db2 Multisystem can help you expand your database system to provide protection and disaster recovery without having to perform a costly overhaul of your hardware or software. Db2 Multisystem, the only solution that combines the speed, power, and performance of mainframe with the flexibility, scalability, and cost of open systems technology, is designed for small-to-mid-sized businesses looking for maximum availability.

The main goal of Db2 Multisystem is to provide access to data stored in multiple Db2 systems. Db2 Multisystem allows you to expand the limits of your existing Db2 system and scale it out, providing added flexibility and scalability.

How the multisystem helps you expand your database system?

If you wished to go from one system to two systems before the Db2 Multisystem, you had to tackle various database challenges. You might want to move one-half of your data to a new system if you moved half of your users to a new system. As a result, you’ll need to redesign all of your database-related applications, as they’ll need to know where the data is stored. After redesigning the apps, you’ll need to employ remote access to view the files across computers, such as Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) or distributed data management (DDM). Otherwise, some form of data replication would be used. If you accomplished this, you’d have many copies of the data, additional storage, and the systems would take care of maintaining the multiple copies of the files running at the same time.

The process of adding new systems to your configuration is substantially simplified using Db2 Multisystem. The database files are divided among the several systems. The applications are then transferred to the new system. You do not need to make any code modifications to your applications because they are unmodified. Your users can now run on the new system and access the same data right away. You can redistribute the files across the new node group that includes the extra systems if more growth is required later.

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Performance and scalability

Db2 Multisystem can help you expand your database capacity, improve query performance, and give remote database access in a more straightforward manner.

Your users and apps only need to access the file from the local system when using Db2 Multisystem. To access data in a distributed file rather than a local file, you don’t need to update any code. To access distant data, you must actively direct your access to a remote file or a remote system using capabilities like Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) and distributed data management (DDM). Remote access is handled by Db2 Multisystem in such a way that it is invisible to your users.

The Db2 multisystem is a great way to expand your database system, and it can be utilized in many different ways.

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