Db2 for z/OS dealing with application compatibility errors using applications that are no longer supported by the vendor. The most ideal solution is to fix these errors by using the application code, but this may not always be feasible. Prior to the deployment of the new operating system, your internal team might not be able to fix all of the issues. As a result, they may choose to compatibility fix wherever it is possible. When a problem cannot be resolved this way, they can fix the code.

Application compatibility errors usually handling against a major information arrangement, an information warehouse, or a mix of information sources requires stacking loads of information rapidly. Depending upon the strategies utilized, it is conceivable that information is conflicting until stacking is finished.

Some of the cases dealing with Application compatibility errors-

Enormous Information- Application compatibility error burdens can experience whenever done sequentially. A few issues of compatibility errors incorporate organization limit, disk storage capacity, problem areas in information and file pages containing simultaneous updates, and logging volume.

Provide Critical free space- Application compatibility errors have attempted to rectify these bottlenecks by inventive information base item plans, including innovative information apportioning plans, exceptional list bunching, inserting critical free space in objects.

Db2 for z/OS Version 11 – In Db2 for z/OS Version 11 and later forms, you can indicate whether you need applications to run by utilizing the highlights and conduct of the current Db2 for z/OS adaptation or of a past Db2 for z/OS rendition. For CLI and .NET applications that interface with Db2 for z/OS Version 11 reform that essential error under information servers, you can handle the application similarity conduct in more ways than one.

Testing operating system environment- Testing of use conduct in various Operating System environments is known as “Application Compatibility error Testing”. The most awesome aspect of this apparatus is that they permit you to computerize the method involved with this error testing, wherein all the application can be tried for their compatibility at once.

SQL application usages- A Db2 for z/OS subsystem that you relocate to another variant goes through a few stages. In the event that there is a conduct change between Db2 for z/OS forms, a SQL application utilizes the old conduct in transformation mode.

App help messages- To resolve specific compatibility issues, you can use compatibility fixes, compatibility modes, and App Help messages.

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Some of the compatibility error factors:

  • During Compatibility Fix, the application injects additional code before it calls the operating system. In other words, any remedy that can be achieved by a compatibility fix can also be addressed by fixing the application code.
  • In a user-mode application process, compatibility fixes are implemented through user-mode code. In other words, compatibility fixes cannot be used to fix kernel-mode code issues.
  • Search for installed compatibility fixes on your local computers. This can create some issues for applications that depended upon the first execution.
  • You can keep away from similar issues by utilizing the Microsoft Windows Application (Compatibility Fix) framework to make a particular application fix for a specific form of an application.

Application compatibility identifies the functional level that is expected by the application that helps to identify the error occurrence.

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