IBM is committed to helping customers improve their data management capabilities, through solutions that offer robust security and easier access for data analysis. Our latest offering – IBM Cloud Pak for Data v3.5– offers advanced data movement features and a new user interface which enables easy drag-and-drop functionality between the cloud and on-premise environments, as well as improved analytics dashboards and reports.

As organizations work to fortify their environments and emerge more quickly, the technologies and capabilities provided through hybrid cloud platforms are essential. Through Cloud Paks, clients can do everything from modernize existing applications for the cloud and discover critical data across the enterprise to build AI models automatically, and much more.

With the launch of IBM Cloud Pak for Data v3.5, clients can now manage their data in a number of different ways. A larger and more flexible ecosystem has been created with the addition of two open-source databases, EDB and MongoDB, as well as the enhancement of Db2 capabilities. Companies that seek digital transformation to keep up with dynamic markets or businesses that are looking to save on data management can both benefit from the combination of these benefits.

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A wider range of database options

Open-source database options such as EDB and MongoDB, available with data and AI platforms, help digital transformation by allowing DBAs to custom tailor selections to meet the needs of particular data types and workloads. As the database ecosystem expands, more tools are available that are specialized for specific tasks. With EDB, you can write custom functions, code in various programming languages, and define data types without the need to recompile the database. Integrity and fault-tolerance, along with ACID compliance, strengthen the enterprise-readiness of the EDB option. Both of these are important for innovation because they allow a company to not be restricted by either a less flexible database or enterprise-level concerns.

In the same way, MongoDB is able to support digital transformation with its capability to let users explore and use JSON data and to adapt to rapidly changing data models and schemas. In conjunction with technologies such as AI and machine learning, this can lead to a significant increase in digital transformation.

The IBM Cloud Pak for Data offers a broader ecosystem of options for not only data management but governance and analytics as well. Watson Knowledge Catalog and Watson Studio are examples of base services and extensions. By providing these options, not only can data be collected and managed, but it can also be cleaned, safeguarded, and transformed into insights. Due to the large volumes of data and the requirement to use it fast for machine learning and AI, this is becoming increasingly critical for digital transformation. Additionally, Db2’s in-database machine learning operation speeds up the development and implementation of AI applications.

Optimize your database architecture

The IBM Cloud Pak for Data bundles several items together, allowing enterprises to spend less than they would if each component were purchased separately. Open-source database choices might potentially be a more cost-effective alternative to established databases. When comparing EDB with Oracle, you’ll see that EDB doesn’t have any long-term contracts. Companies can better manage their costs as needed thanks to this increased flexibility.

Companies can compare the costs and benefits of IBM Spectrum Scale, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3 Cloud object storage, Red Hat OpenShift Container storage, and Portworx Db2 by choosing the most efficient option that meets their needs. These storage additions expand on Db2’s software defined storage capability, which allows clients to select storage alternatives based on performance and scalability requirements and scale storage as needed to save money.

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data v3.5, you can achieve improved data management capabilities including robust security and easier access for data analysis.

If you are looking to build a data management system with IBM Cloud Pak, reach out to an All Blue Solutions expert.