Informix provides multiple ways to verify that the data sets are secure, and that your information can be easily recovered in the event of a disaster. The Informix DBA will assist you in planning and testing a disaster recovery plan that fits your business needs. Informix supports a wide range of reinforcement methods, from one-string reinforcement to multi-string reinforcement.

You can benefit from the Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA) add-on for your Informix data set if you need a significant improvement in the response time to complex information distribution center questions. The end-users can utilize IWA without any changes to their applications or data sets. IWA is an excellent fit for data set frameworks represented by complex, specially appointed choice help questions against an enormous subset of the information base.

Finding solutions for your Informix database

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Some of the best practices for Informix DBAs listed below: –

  • Managing performance- Performance management ensures that databases are consistently available to end users. Using computer technology, FileMaker Server ensures database connectivity. Maintaining compatibility can increase performance as well as prevent corruption.
  • Compatibility with supported hardware- In order to install and run FileMaker Server, you must have the minimum system requirements. Additionally, the DBA’s role of finding supported hardware must take into account the needs of the entire system and the connected users.
  • CPU upgrading- Calculations are performed, requests are handled, and results are delivered by the CPU. Make sure that your system exceeds user and system requirements by using dual-core processors or better.
  • Upgrading memory- Active requests and data for those requests are stored in the system memory. RAM should be at least 8 GB. Extend system memory further when anticipating an increase in simultaneous database connections.
  • Upgrading the hard disks- Databases and software are stored on the hard disks, which deliver the data back to the computer. Installation of more than 500 GB hard disk space on solid-state drives (SSDs), with an average of 20% free space. As the databases grow, the additional free space will enable more efficient caching.
  • Understanding the anti-virus software- The functionality of FileMaker Server and databases is impacted by antivirus software. Incorrectly configured anti-virus software can corrupt database files. This negatively impacts installations and running services.
  • Consulting with the developers- Performance is driven by database development. Performance is improved by minimizing global fields and unstored calculations, among other database changes. The performance of databases depends upon open discussions between developers and DBAs when DBAs and developers are different people. DBAs should know what makes databases perform well.
  • Securing the systems- Database security prevents compromise, unauthorized data manipulation, and corruption. Security DBA work centers on vulnerabilities and privacy; the goal is to keep data private and secure.

Informix database can process both structured and non-structured functionality managing performance. With the Informix DBA, you can set up a fully automated database security system that prevents unauthorized systems.

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