IBM Informix refers to an Informix database on the IBM cloud that provides database as a service. It is an optimized database featured with self-management and automated database administration capabilities. Choosing the cloud Informix helps you to avoid the risk of managing infrastructure and reduce the cost and complexity.

The database on the cloud facilitates the customers with-

  • On-premises Informix deployment.
  • High-performance engine that integrates time series, spatial, No SQL, and SQL data.
  • Delivering high-performance operational and analytic processing across cloud edges faster than other databases.
  • Easy access to the cloud through MQTT, REST, and MongoDB APIs.
  • Enabled storage optimization and preconfigured instance configured for OLTP.
  • To meet your business demands, the DBMS servers are sized with S, M, L, and XL configurations.
  • Scales-out across multiple servers.

Faster and Simplified Deployment

IBM Informix cloud facilitates faster and on-premises deployment of innovative cloud applications and avoids the expenses of hardware purchase, management, and system administration.

The high-performance Informix engine that integrates time series data, spatial, No SQL, and SQL data helps in reducing the operational time and costs. The faster deployment is achieved due to REST api and MQTT.

Secures Your Organizations Data

Informix on cloud helps you to secure your organization’s data by providing total control (Users with fine-grained authentication, authorization, and auditing controls) over data along with the native encryptions for all configurations.

Reduces the Ownership Cost

Informix on cloud helps you to lower the cost and complexity of infrastructure maintenance with the help of flexible hosting and software licensing options.

Informix Solution for IOT

Informix on cloud offers a unique strategy of IOT solution by enabling faster data collection and positioning the data wherever it is required. Also, to perform deeper analytics, you can easily replicate the data on the cloud.

Flexible Grid

Informix cloud allows you to scale the data, schedule the update and maintenance whenever required without using temporary storage devices or cloning the databases.

Improved Performance of Warehouse Queries

Warehouse queries refer to a large set of client queries that are processed with the help of warehouse accelerator. The warehouse accelerator helps in improving the performance of queries and processes the large set of data parallelly and returns a small result set in less time.

So, it can be clearly seen that the IBM Informix has unmatchable and proven benefits over other databases that helps the enterprise or the organizations with the optimized business solutions such as accelerated deployments, increased enterprise security, high-performance cloud engine that integrates time-series, spatial, structured and unstructured data.

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