Many IT giants today from time to time, are being increasingly dominated by primary vendor lock-in challenges for software licensing support programs. Presently, it has become another perceived disadvantage of cloud computing. Apparently, a consistent MSP provider is always preferable but vendor-lock-in often plays to be an unfortunate side effect that over-complicate things. While software compliance rules are getting stringent, conversely, software licensing support comes to the rescue for IT administrators.

In the first place, technological complexities have increased in cloud computing and virtualization. As a result, managing technology with operational efficiency is a significant challenge. By partnering with mature IT service provider for software licensing projects, you will be subjected to the standardization of the entire IT system.

Why Organizations switch to MSP?

Did you know 59% of IT enterprises have transitioned to managed service contracts from the traditional break/fix model?

Choosing the right vendor is mission-critical stuff. Organizations, by all means, look for quality services for licensing options. So, definitely going forward, they look for proactive service providers with deep technical benches. Henceforth, providers that can leverage automation to perform tasks easily become the next choice.

Why All Blue Solutions?

At All Blue Solutions, we strictly advocate against lock-in practices. For this reason, this alone makes us stand apart from the crowd. What makes us unique is that we believe in full ownership of the system’s management. To put it another way, we provide absolute freedom to clients to choose a provider to trade, maintain and repair.

That is to say, your choice matters the most to us!  To support you to do things freely, we believe in a reliable managed service partner that helps you avoid unwanted forced upgrades. Whether short-term or long-term, a partnership with us enables you to reduce administrative overheads while avoiding lengthy and costly vendor contracts /agreements. Obviously, we understand the importance of outsourcing vendor management to a third party. It is important to realize that this can help standardize your process and instill transparency for effective governance. Henceforth, with a greater vision, we prevent you from committing costly mistakes by advising the best third-party option that suits the best for you.

Being associated with, we take a proactive approach to secure your rights to repair any part of business, be it hardware or software. As a practical approach, the ITC law allows tech companies to make repairs and undertake regular maintenance of any hardware or software products brought.

1.   IBM Subject Matter Experts

We at ABS combine robust service offerings hosted by over 150 technical, subject matter experts and support professionals. Our expertise as IBM technical subject matter experts (SME) offers end-to-end business IT support to over 500 IBM products. In fact, we take pride in building a robust community of highly dedicated and skilled community of former IBM technical Subject Matter Experts (SME).

No matter what combination of service solutions that your business needs, for each IBM software product migrated to ABS, we deploy a dedicated SME expert. Our bench of certified experts is equipped with operational excellence and best practice tools to help fill knowledge gaps that aid better business decisions.  Besides, to help you handle your business, we handle the technology by deploying experienced and dedicated IBM SME for each client. At the same time, we also make sure that you receive 24x7x365 product expert support. By helping you find the right solution for your need, we ensure success by predicting, planning, controlling your software landscape.

2.   Extended support for IBM software

Are you running unsupported IBM software products in a highly virtualized environment?

It’s never a good idea as outdated, obsolete, out-of-support versions can impact monumental. Consequently, this not only leads to costly data loss and exposure of confidential data but also strict legal action.

Say ‘No’ to the forced software upgrades. We are the back-level IBM software and product support. Our designated team of IT support can help migrate from unsupported versions to the latest version without requiring our customers to upgrade. It’s crucial for companies planning for software migration to fix critical security issues in the future.

3.   60% of client savings

Hidden IT cost could be draining your IT budget. Now there’s an opportunity to save up to 60% of maintenance cost per client from All Blue Solutions (ABS)!

IBM’s attitude to increase 10% of maintenance and support cost every year is something alarming for companies using IBM products. But ABS guarantee a steady decrease of 7.5% on software maintenance and support cost! This means 5 years down the line, your annual decrease rates with ABS for support can save time and free up millions of dollars while boosting the company’s bottom line!

With scalable MSPs like us, ready to jump to fix all your issues, our solution is a cost-effective alternative in the ever-changing tech-scape. Our strategic preventative measures offer an improved level of service and support.

4.   Full feasibility study and risk assessment

Don’t get tied up in lengthy legal IBM contracts. Especially when you are planning to phase out legacy systems in a year or so! Apart from being capital and time-intensive, a transition can be disastrous. Instead, switch your support to All Blue Solutions. With the help of our free Feasibility Assessment tool, you can determine how much savings you can make using software ‘E’ part numbers.

Evaluate your migration feasibility and security risk assessment while working with a client. With our free Feasibility Assessment tool, generate accurate reports and IT Risk Assessment Checklist that guide you beforehand. This tool helps you receive a comparison quote just like services comparison website such as CoCompare. This tool will allow you to-

  • Know how much you can save by switching to ABS
  • Know the versions and products and their technological limitations
  • Check the expiry of supported product versions
  • Check flexible contracts that best suit you


5.   Total transparency throughout Contract

Most IBM software contracts are not scalable which limits the application and functionality. For the software product that you have installed recently, IBM may change the terms of the software license agreement every few months. Significantly, this makes it impossible to keep a track of the potential lawsuits within the user agreement of the IBM software product employed.

To avoid painful disputes, let our product support database tool Eolas strategize and clearly define all this information for you.

Using this support database tool, you can-

  • Extend the lifespan of your software equipment and assets
  • Understand all the entitled software licensing support and their value in future projects

Alternatively, as MSPs, we can considerably reduce operational risk challenges, minimize service disruptions and implement better cost control.

Want a free-of-charge comprehensive report?  We are here to help. Contact us today and receive a comprehensive report that details the cost factors, savings and how it is different from your current maintenance and support plans.