Are you tired of paying big bucks for your IBM legacy equipment maintenance?

Has your IBM Legacy equipment maintenance reached the end of the service contract?

Even though you think you are under the terms of the contract, the truth is that your legacy maintenance contract may be broken. But you don’t even know it!

Undeniably, mainframe systems are the cornerstone of the technology landscape that powers some of the biggest IT tech giants. Although in the last 25 years, the slow demise of the legacy database has been predicted by technology experts, the platform is still alive!

Original Equipment Maintenance Manufacturers (OEM’s)

For the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), this platform has considerably garnered profitable growth in enterprise revenues. This is mainly because of the capabilities to perform large-scale transaction processes. The robust infrastructure, reliability, security of mainframe technology coupled with costly migration of mainframes have led the OEM products to gain a strong foothold in the marketplace.

Most companies that rely on legacy technology support plans are struggling with ever-tightening IT budgets and long-term demand support strategies.

The challenge? On-going IT equipment maintenance, patches and upgrade costs associated with the whole IBM Technology ecosystem.

Here are 4 points for you to review your IBM Legacy Support contract.

  1. Cost of legal system adds up quickly

As a matter of fact, OEM offers initial IT equipment maintenance for several years of the hardware life cycle. Conversely, the operational budget for upkeep adds up quickly to consume a big chunk of the IT budget.  Surprisingly, the cost of OEM’s maintenance of end-to-end life equipment is increasing per year leaving many IT enterprises caught in a bind.

In view of a 3% increase in the cost of IBM Legacy Support, many organizations are struggling with budgets for IT legacy maintenance. Similarly, quantifying charges of Inventory Analysis, health-checks, patching work, and critical hardware purchase is also a top concern. Are you also struggling?

Why not reduce your IT cost and save yourself from unnecessary charges?  Instead, save up to 50% on IBM Legacy Support and maintenance from us? Unlike traditional OEM, our affordable IBM hardware maintenance benefits can easily fit your budget and enterprise needs. Still not convinced. In this case, try our cost calculator to check how could you save on your existing contract.

  1. Service reliability of maintenance contracts

Hate machine code updates, software patches, security fixes?

Well, then you must be unaware of the restrictive practices carried out by OEMs for the authorized dealers. Nevertheless, this includes denial of end-user updates for free. Similarly, IBM’s restricted the availability of hardware patches to paying customers in 2012. While again, it further backtracked in 2013 saying that it applies only to systems purchased after April 2012. Now, this raises several questions on Cyber-resiliency. Isn’t it?

In reality, OEM has been capitalizing on the new changes of the IBM Fix Central website and the volume licensing deals. At the same time, the OEM has been successful in minimizing the use of legacy IT systems for businesses.

Coupled with the reliability improvements, All Blue Solutions are one of the advanced Platinum partners to scale your mainframe infrastructure. Of course, we understand that your organization needs reliable processes that rationalize legacy with flexible network options. Unlike OEM, we are flexible to market changes that offer a credible and viable alternative that respects freedom of choice for end-users.

  1. Hardware maintenance management expertise

Is your current mainframe support team equipped with quality staff and processes to provide IBM critical legacy operation services? Check.

Generally speaking, the value of OEM maintenance contracts is steadily declining against the support dollars. Notably, many users have drifted away for contract changeover from OEM to third party support of Legacy Systems. However, the biggest barrier to overtaking legacy systems is the dearth of technical skills and expertise. Henceforth, many providers are now considering offering IT security services for cloud-based and advanced technology services delivered as a service.

All Blue Solutions certified skilled mainframe support professionals and state-of-art mainframe monitoring and support system includes decades of experience with IBM technologies.

To sum up, as IBM platinum partner, ABS has a long history of supporting the IBM technologies and round-the-clock support for mainframe platform operations. Also, recognized for supporting multiple clients to achieve mainframe operations excellence, ABS continue to resolve problems for complex functions that outweigh other competitors and OEMs alike from the list.

But don’t just take our word for it! In fact, our clients have more to say through testimonials.

  1. Service level support of legacy maintenance

Is your provider committed enough to address the legacy security challenges?

Another key point is increasing operational costs often coupled with the inability to mitigate legacy support operational risks. Explicitly, this is forcing most enterprises to drop out the mainframe operations from their curriculum. Again, with tightening IT budgets and mission-critical systems and applications running on legacy environments, quality service level support often goes for a toss.

The availability of top-class Legacy support is a challenge. We at ABS understand the risks and challenges most organizations face while migrating to a cloud-based platform. Our base and optional services encompass all possible steps to cure the risk vulnerability surrounding your mainframe legacy system.

With our flagship offering of legacy services, we aid the seamless transition of your legacy environments. We pride in offering superior yet extensive support services without compromising on efficiency and quality.

Don’t let the legacy technology hold you back! Contact us today to know how we optimize your mainframe service costs with our unlimited technical support.