Project Description

Leading IBM Db2 Skills & Expertise.

  • Enterprise Level Scaling

  • Experienced IBMers on staff

  • Always ILMT compliant

  • Open Database Environment

  • On-premise or in the Cloud

  • Flexibility of PPA with one yearly renewal

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    All Blue Solutions was founded on the heritage IBM relational data platform.  We have extensive skills within Db2, Informix, Netezza, Cognos, as well as all the Integration and replication solutions.  We provide expert consultancy and architecture planning for these solutions and more.  We’ve managed and consulted on some 600 + instances, but do not take our word for it, our clients are our biggest advocates.

    One of our clients was plagued with an issue for over 4 months. Once they brought us board,  we were on the ground with them the next day. Within 3 hours we  resolved the problem.  This not only helped them with their immediate issue, but also provided a path to reduced costs by enabling a transparent total-cost-of-ownership of Db2.

    Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

    What is Included in our PPA Db2 Service

    Add-on(s) in our Service

    We will handle any configuration and management of backups with the option to backup to our cloud.
    To ensure you have confidence, our engineering team will work to ensure you have deployed the best practices in your architecture and design.
    We will monitor how your usage is growing to help you understand what is needed.
    We will deploy your initial software and required changes with a 24 hour notice.
    We can host your application on premise or in the cloud.
    Reporting and development solutions can be provided at a simple monthly/hourly service.
    We will assign you both a primary and secondary technical engineer who will rotate pager duty during after hours. If for any reason your primary team is unavailable our global support team will take over.
    We will manage your upgrades, fix pack, installation and the overall process, on your schedule.
    We handle the installation, configuration and optimization of your IBM software as part of the monthly service.
    We will review your environment and ensure it's at its best so that your software or platform run as fast as possible.